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"The Room" as Paradoxes of Time by Nur Arisyah Binti Yazid

The student work we are featuring today comes from Nur Arisyah Binti Yazid, a first year postgraduate student in DS4.

This year DS4's projects are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The scene from the film "The Room" is analyzed in terms of spatial drawings, seen through the perspective of children in the film moving through different paradoxes of time in Belfast. The paradoxical room is an attempt to show the emotion of children as they navigate through war & change & relationship in the different times, constructed in a single room. The playful Arches that is used in the room is to portray the thresholds into liminal space. The idea of the paradox room is the unstable mood of the disaster scenes in the film that leads to all sort of paradoxes, for instance: the three places (past/present/future) being in one room or the perspective of a child being in three places (past/present/future) at once.

The axonometric projection detaches the viewer from the scene and emphasizes the level of abstraction in the representation of the subject. In order to be expressive while being descriptive, it allows viewers to see the space in a non-hierarchical order.

The axonometric drawing allows element in each image (people, stairs, arches ; circles, …) to appear hierarchically as important as any other element in the frame, producing a narrative space in which the events happening in time is not so much the point of view of the observer, but the possible recombination of the elements.

You can see more work by Arisyah and other DS4 students on the DS4 blog

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