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“It’s the glitches and twists, I thought, that make this universe unique and compelling. Without flaws, there would be no depth, no substance.” -A. M. Jenkins

With the growth of human dependency on computers and technology, the boundary between our reality and the virtual world becomes blurred. In the span of a few decades, human civilisation has crossed a threshold, beyond which an infinite impossible realities have become conceivable.


If we ourselves could glitch into these worlds, what might we see or experience?

Or perhaps in this reality, in the midst of a technological revolution where AI and new digital advances transform our potential, we can find glitches all around us?

Architecture finds itself at the forefront of innovation, where we as architects can fundamentally imagine and define new worlds. Through experimentation we discover and create, spaces which challenge the existing status quo, or establish a new set of rules. Architecture is designed by us to make a statement or change.

If a glitch is an unexpected change or fault, then what unprecedented architectural feats and concepts might we find ourselves facing?”

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