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XIII: REMOTE is out now!

We are excited to announce that the 13th issue of the OSA Magazine is out now! Since so many of us are all over the world and not in the studio, we have decided to make this issue digital only, and to make it freely available to everyone. You can view it in our shop, or on issuu

This issue of the OSA Magazine explores the theme of "Remote"

"It has been more almost a year since the World Health Organisation announced the Covid-19 pandemic. The year 2020 has been unlike any other in recent history - faced with the threat of the virus, we agreed, without much protest, to close national borders, limit our movements, ban gatherings and trace our contacts. Symbols of oppression have become essential tools in a worldwide effort of fighting the pandemic. As architecture students, we have been removed from the studio and secluded to our bedrooms. As a community we are scattered, yet connected to each other through our screens. Remote has become the default. This has created new opportunities, but also highlighted existing inadequacies and injustices in the functioning of our institutions, countries and the world. The pandemic has opened its own chapter in the history of design and architecture. And while many ideas won’t stand the test of time, the coronavirus will leave a permanent mark on design. The awareness of how we occupy space (physical and metaphorical) in relation to each other has been driven to the forefront of our consciousness. It is very likely that even with the rollout of the vaccines, we will need to continue living with forms of social distancing and restrictions for years to come. And, unless drastic and decisive action is taken, the threat of a future pandemic will always loom over our shoulders. How will we live, work and play in the ongoing Covid reality? What can we learn as architects learn from this, and how can we adapt?"

In this issue:

  • COVID-19: The demise of traditional studio culture by Alice Latham

  • The choreography of the room by Anis Mohamad Khairi

  • The Apocalyptic Social Distance Studio by Architits

  • A Pandemic Proof Environment of Oxford Brookes University by Ashling Wall

  • The Reading Block by Bernard Biju

  • The room would never be the same without a window by Canisius Bong Wei Pheng

  • Collective Power in Architecture by Charlie Edmonds

  • London 2050: garden city into urban by Delfina Couceiro

  • RIBA Open Letter by Future Architects Front

  • Castle Mill by Isaac Nouri

  • A Controversial Facade by Lai Eric

  • How will the Great British Highstreet? by Maia Sherratt

  • Modern Meets History by Marina Georgieva

  • Repair Makerspace by Odeng-Anuar Zahin

  • Deconsecrated Spirit by Patryk Kubica

  • The Canalside BrewPub by Pavlina Kolokotroni

  • Oxford Centre for Environmental Innovation by Pui Yee Lim

  • Co-Exist by Rainbow - Lok Chi Chan

  • Human Powered Odeon Art-house by Roxiana Dumitru

  • Retail Revolution by Sam Manton

  • Zero Waste Lab by Selin Ucar

  • Florey Building by Stephen Chan

  • Remote by Wura Bolarinwa

  • Architecture in the time of Disease by Zanna Krzyzanowska

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