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Resilience by Design by Chloe Loader

Todays we are featuring the work from the postgraduate studio DS3 by Chloe Loader

Resilience by Design aims to understand the discourse surrounding urban spaces and resilience, creating a framework which has been tested against Jericho Wharf. Oxford canal was built during the Industrial Revolution to transport coal, and connects Oxford to Coventry. These 'digital paintings' aim to capture the contrast in the original and current use of the canal, highlighting the atmosphere. During the industrial revolution, the canal would have been a busy and noisy area, whereas it is now used as a recreational and residential zone, with a lot more greenery. As the resilience of Jericho has been analysed, it has shown how important social spaces are for community resilience.

you can see more of Chloe's digital paintings on her page @cmlpetportraits

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