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Architecture as Confection by Subrena Chhatwal

Today we are featuring the work of Subrena Chhatwal, a first year master's student in AAD

The AAD studio has been researching the methodology and approach of architecture as confection. Through exploration of qualities in confection and the required processes we begin to understand the mimicked behaviours within manufacturing architecture. Through the use of photography, photoshop manipulation and 3D rendering we are able to draw themes of intrigue and explore potential routes of inquiry for our ‘baked’ architecture.

This tasty task also explores various artefacts found in the Oxford museums and a range of botanical inspirations as a prerequisite to our design module which takes place in semester 2. My architecture is inspired by the porous nature visible in sponge and how on a macro scale forms an unpredictable sequence of spaces. The exploration of confection has potential to produce highly sensory and immersive compositions which will situated within the Botanical Gardens.

You can see more of Subrena's work on her instagram @subrenachhatwal

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