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At the OSA Magazine, we are looking for new students to join and collaborate with the existing team for the new academic year. We want students with initiative to take the magazine into the future and make it their own. There are different ways in which you can join us: Editorial Team We are looking for people who would like to work on creating the magazine, both for our online content and the printed issues. This could involve editing submitted work, coming up with ideas for content, running our blog and other social media, layout, graphics, photography, designing our posters and logos, marketing and more! Contributors Since we are expanding our online content this year, we are looking for more people to help us make that happen! Perhaps you would like to write a regular blog about a topic, your experience, a project you are working on or what is happening in your design studio, or perhaps you love photography and would like another platform to showcase your work, or you would like to interview interesting people. We are looking for contributions which could be articles, reviews, design projects, interviews, drawings, photographs, films, creative writing, collages...or any other ideas you might have, get in touch, let us know and join the team! No previous experience is necessary for any of the roles, just enthusiasm. Being part of the OSA team is a great opportunity to learn new skills, gain new experience and meet people from across the school and beyond. If you are interested in reading, writing, sketching, editing, illustrating, designing, printing, photographing, interviewing or talking about the world of architecture, then we have just the spot for you!

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