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Week 4// 17/02 - 23/02

This week has been a busy one (as usual!) with Unit G hosting their Northern:Lights Exhibition on Monday and OxArch's Post-Valentine's Social on Tuesday, which by all accounts was a much-needed break from studio work!


Studio Update: Unit G

Undergraduate design unit G is the first Unit to be featured on the blog in 2020 - it's a Unit G tradition to host an exhibition after their field trip, complete with Sketch Movies that the students have made on their travels.

This year, Unit G travelled to Norway for a week in January, catching plenty of snow and dramatic sunsets. Their exhibition was a great way of showcasing their travels to the rest of the studio, complete with beers, snacks and a friendly atmosphere. I caught up with one of the 3rd years, who kindly sent over some of her favourite photos of the trip for us.

As a former Unit G student, it was so nice catching up with the tutors again and seeing what everyone was working on this year - mid-semester exhibitions are a really good way of learning about what different studios get up to throughout the year, and it would be amazing to see more design units do them more often!

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