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Week 1// 27/01 - 02/02

Welcome back to Brookes!

We hope you have all had an enjoyable holiday season, and have given yourselves some time off - now it's time to knuckle down and focus on the new semester! Semester Two has been off to a flying start this week, with cross-crits and pin-ups happening throughout the studio, and graduate prospects already being discussed for upper years.

A big congratulations to 3rd Year Undergraduates, who have just handed in their Dissertations - we hope you've managed to recover from those long days spent typing away!

We would love to feature more work from Undergrads here on the blog and in our published magazines, so if you have a dissertation chapter or an essay that you'd like to see published, drop us an email at

Eco-Visionaries Exhibition, at the Royal Academy

What's On

Research Methods Festival - 06/03/2020

Submissions are open for the Research Methods Festival, brought to you by the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment - It's a brilliant opportunity to showcase research innovation from all stages of the research process, and is open to both Masters and Undergraduate students.

You can find out more by emailing

Kelly + Jones, the Glass Tank - until 15/02/2020

the Glass Tank is currently hosting artists Traci Kelly and Rhiannon Jones in a collaborative exhibition, exploring the intersection of artwork and survey. Each Wednesday afternoon there is also a Seer-in-Residence performance, with the next Seer-in-Residence from Brookes' School of Arts.

Eco-Visionaries, Royal Academy of Arts - until 23/02/2020

A provocative exhibition on the responses of architects and artists to humanity's impact on the planet, Eco-Visionaries brings together designers from all over the world to draw attention and interrogate how we as creatives are reacting to the climate emergency.

Find out more and book tickets here:

Oxford is always home to exciting events and exhibitions, and it's always a good idea to escape the studio once in a while and explore something new. The Ashmolean and Modern Art Oxford are both soon to have new exhibitions in place, so keep an eye out!

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