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Week 2// 30/09 - 6/10

Week 2 in the studio has been another busy one as everything is properly taking off! See what Zone 5 have been up to recently with our Studio Update, and more, on this week's blog post!


OxArch In Conversation With... CJ LIM

On Tuesday CJ Lim (UCL Bartlett) came to present a talk on his new book, Smartcities, Resilient Landscapes and Eco-Warriors. In case you missed out, OSA's review on the talk will be up soon!

What's On:

Flowers & Volcanoes: A Tale of Two Chinese Artists The Glass Tank is hosting a joint exhibition, focusing on contemporary Chinese art from Hei Lichee and 19VAN, two independent artists who have collaborated together for 15 years. Open daily from 2/10/19 to 11/10/19.

Architectural Education Declares Symposium today 4/10/2019 at 3 pm in Bedford Square. Find out more about the Manifesto and Open Letter here:


Studio Update: Zone 5 Villas

Zone 5 has introduced an innovative brief this year: To Design a Villa.

Developing a traditional brief alongside questions of modernity, the zone is taking its pirates to the next level this year. Among the many discussions raised during the first group and individual presentations, the pirates have found themselves lost in a sea of ideas.

Jasmin is currently developing a generative design, building construction details could hardly satisfy her creativity. Freeda and her one night brilliantly 3D-modelled Koi Fish are intending to give rich people an existential crisis. Bilal adores Virtual Courtyards and Lulu has just booked her flights to visit an old friend with an exquisite taste and knowledge of Dutch Colonial Villas in Galle, Sri Lanka. Kyle is somewhere sweaty collecting data and intensifying senses stimulus with Becca and her Horns.

Modernity is what it is until we post-rationalise it. Inevitably, the true modern man never knows or explains anything he just is who he is and lets others be who they are. He is actually a luxurious fish you can keep as a pet in a bowl like this one:

Drawings by Freeda Jane Madius


A one minute video giving insight into today's problems and solutions by Bilal, Viona , Freeda and Rachael:


Want your work featured on the blog? Or know someone whose work is worth celebrating? Simply send us an email at with your submission! We look forward to hearing from you!

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