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Week 0// 16/09 - 22/09

Welcome back to another year at Oxford School of Architecture! And a warm welcome to all new students just starting out! We're so excited for the coming year here at OSA Magazine, and we've been super busy getting things ready for you over the summer...

Come and find us at the Fresher's Fair this Friday - we'll be sharing a table with OxArch, who also have some very exciting things planned over this year, we can't wait to learn more! See you there!


Introducing our next issue: ISSUE XII: REBEL

"Rebels and non-conformists are often the pioneers and designers of change" - Indira Gandhi

Rebelling against the status quo has always been an integral part of human progress. It is the reason we have rights and opportunities that our ancestors may not have had access to. Rebellion is part of our very history, and will always be a part of our future. Simply to exist is rebellion.

In this day and age, the world is changing faster than ever.

New movements are constantly ebbing and flowing, and with the advent of global communication, we are connected to more people than ever thought possible. Connection, however, does not always bring cohesion. The world is both united and divided over countless questions and issues. The environment is at a tipping point. Technology is moving faster than many can keep up with. Human connection is an act of rebellion. The line between who is right and who is more convincing can be blurred beyond recognition.

Where does the role of the architect stand in this rebellion? Is design becoming obsolete in the face of the modern world or do we need it now more than we ever have before?

Submit your article or visual interpretation to Join the Rebellion.

Abstract Deadline: 21/10/2019

Full Submission: 8/11/2019



MArch Exhibition: Modern Nature - 13-09-19 - 21-09-19

Glass Tank, Abercrombie Building

Modern Nature showcases 1-year MArch students' work throughout the year, including their dissertation work and design work.

London Design Festival - 14-09-19 - 22-09-19

London's annual design festival returns with 11 different Design Districts across the capital to explore, as well as plenty of special landmark projects and commissions to be explored. London Design Festival aims to showcase London as a design hub and global creative gateway. Catch it before it ends this weekend!

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Currently showcasing a diverse host of free and paid exhibitions, including Last Supper in Pompeii (until 12-01-20), A.R. Penck (until 03-11-19) and Lifelines: The Woodcuts of Naoko Matsubara (until 6-10-19)

Bodleian Libraries, Oxford

Talking Maps (until 08-03-20) is an ongoing exhibition celebrating maps from all around the world, from those dating back to mediaeval times to imaginary maps by celebrated artists and authors. In addition, Thinking 3D (until 09-02-20) is an exploration of three-dimensional modelling, drawing, and communication, from Leonardo Da Vinci to the present day.

Modern Art Oxford

MAO has a wide variety of talks and exhibitions on this season, most notably artist and craftworker Kiki Smith's I am a Wanderer, opening 28-09-19.

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