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Week 06// 04/03-10/03

There are two weeks left until abstract submissions are due for the Annual X2, and we've had some great submissions that we're really excited to see, but OSA are always on the lookout for new material. If you've got a project, essay, drawing, or personal interest that you're interested to submit, please send us an email - we're really looking forward to receiving new work.

What's On

Sketching In The Cast Gallery, at the Ashmolean, 6th March - Hone your hand sketching skills with the Ashmolean's regular sketching session! No tickets are required, but make sure to get there early as only ten people are allowed to sketch at a time - and bring your own materials.

Student of the Week

Our student of the week is Masara Akkad from AAD. She's been working with twisted, sculptural plywood to create effects with space and light - the models look incredible!

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