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Week 02// 04/02-10/02

It's been a great week for OSA this week, and a great start to the term. Ritual is selling fast, from a great launch in collaboration with OxArch last week, so make sure to pick up your copy quickly.

Ritual Launch

Apt Talks

We were also invited to visit our sponsor Apt's offices for the first in their new series of talks. Sara Fox, SwissRe's new-building director, the client behind 30 St Mary Axe - or the Gherkin - led the talk. She spoke about her career, how she found her calling, and the uphill struggle that she has had against the gender divide in the construction industry. Focusing on the Gherkin, she mentioned the need to design for use, especially in the most functional of spaces - the toilets. Sara also took us through the exciting process of modelling and testing that went into the success of 30 St Mary Axe.

What's On

OxArch's Traffic Light Social - 13th February at the Bullingdon - this looks like it's going to be a great night!

Jeff Koons in Conversation at the Ashmolean - alongside the exhibition of Jeff Koons' work at the Ashmolean, the artist himself will be giving a talk at the Sheldonian on the 8th May. A limited number of student tickets are available for free, so register quickly.

Student of the Week

We're showcasing Phoebe Benjamin this week, who was nominated for her atmospheric collages drawn for her Make Space project. She says:

'The project was to use the existing building known as oxford Make Space in Oxford. My design involves a public street that cuts through the existing structure. it is aimed to create a space that invites more people around the site into the building. The Building is a space for small businesses to have workshops and desk space at a affordable price. The workshops can be built temporarily off the furnitecture grid that surrounds the space.'

You can find out more about Make Space at

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