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Week 12// 10/12-16/12

With so many deadlines this week, it's pretty busy in studio! It's also a great time to look around and get inspired by all the work that people are doing, before we break up for the holidays. Have a great time off everyone - Merry Christmas from OSA!

Christmas is so close that it's time to get properly organised for the break! To get you in the Christmassy mood, here's a list of architectural makes for over the break.

3. Laser Cut Christmas Decorations

One not to make until after everyone's finished with the laser cutters for their deadlines, you can design your own decorations for the tree.

2. Christmas Cards

Put your scalpel to good use with some papercraft Christmas cards!

1. Stockings

Learn to knit or sew and create your own stockings this year!

What's On

Explore the Ashmolean this Christmas with their advent calendar of objects here. Bonus - you don't even have to leave your house!

Student of the Week

This week we're looking at Katharina Metzdorff's canine-friendly project based in Skopje. She says:

"This year, DS4 is based in the city of Skopje, Macedonia. The focus of my research over the past weeks has been the way in which a place is experienced differently by people and animals - specifically dogs, as stray dogs have such a large presence in Skopje's city centre. To explore this experiential differentiation and to ultimately be able to design an environment suitable for both humans and dogs, I have been virtually modelling an imagined version of Skopje, as an environment in which to test my ideas, concepts and their experiential consequences. The virtual city was created by using a variety of pre- and self-made Sketchup and Lumion elements and using them to create buildings and street scapes, the focus being less on the buildings themselves, but rather on the experience of being within them."

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