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Week 11// 03/12-09/12

It's the first full week of December, and Christmas is approaching! This week, we're (distracting ourselves from deadlines and) looking at the best Christmas presents out there for an architect!

5. Model Making Supplies

This gift is ideal for any architect in your life - but not highly personal. It says 'hey, I get it, you're a skint student struggling with a degree you don't have the hours in the day, let alone the money for'. Will definitely be appreciated, but lacks the personal touch.

4. LEGO Architecture

Nothing conveys love to an architect like the chance to build an icon. But beware - these gifts come with a warning tag. Don't buy an architect a model of Fallingwater unless you want a lecture on the merits and failings of the building!

3. Origami sculpture

Which architectural project doesn't have some origami in it at some point? So why not celebrate that through a gift? Some of these can be practical, like this ring holder, or decorative - like wall hangings.

2. Furnishings

We may not be able to afford a house, but we can sure as hell dream after one! Our university rooms are filled with gorgeous furnishings that would look great in our ideal industrial conversion - and we're always happy to receive more. These house-shaped pen pots are my favourite right now - a little bit of whimsy that's also the only house I'll be able to afford in the next decade! Options also include a concrete anything - because architects love concrete!

1. Laser measure

Nothing says 'you've made it as an architect' like an honest to god laser measure. We students fantasize of the days when we'll turn up to site with one of these bad boys and measure the height of a lintel like a proper project architect. Make your loved architect feel like they're really winning the architecture game this Christmas.

Student of the Week

This week, first year Summer Derbyshire is our student of the week! The OSA team loved her treehouse model - it's playful, crafted, and effectively demonstrates her design. Congratulations, Summer!

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