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Week 09// 19/11-25/11

This week the studio has been very quiet without the undergraduate students, who are all away on field trips! Stay tuned for updates on where they've been. Looking to the week ahead, final year masters students have their cross crits this week - where students review each other's work - so have a look around the studio on Thursday to see what everyone is up to.

At OSA we're getting started on putting the magazine together, and we're so excited to see everyone's work! Keep up to date with us on facebook and instagram for updates on the launch.

What's On

Disappear Here - RIBA London - Ending this week!

OGS Crawford, Life in Photographs - Pitt Rivers Museum - Ending this week!

Moving Image Printmaking Workshops - Modern Art Oxford - Book on the Modern Art Oxford website

Student of the Week

This week we're highlighting Dora Paschali, whose model brilliantly illustrates the domestic scale of her project. In her own words:

"‘The Leftover Site Home’ examines how the leftover spaces created in Tokyo’s infrastructure, can be appropriated for domestic use. These leftover spaces are defined by boundaries of ownership and can encourage an instinctively living in cities, where dwellers roam in search of fragments of living environments.

It is not uncommon to spot micro-homes in Tokyo. Due to an ongoing housing crisis and the fact that Japanese houses have a short lifespan, leftover sites emerged as byproducts of the city’s constant renewable urban fabric.

These leftover sites gave form to a particular type of architecture that is not created by architects but by the needs of individuals. This is called ‘Pet Architecture’ and it is strongly defined by the surrounding infrastructure and the boundaries of ownership.

The Model explores the relationship between the roaming communal kitchen that is found in-between two existing buildings. The appliances are portrayed as colourful objects that gradually inhabit the narrow space and are greatly dependent on the white, surrounding infrastructure."

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