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Week 06// 29/10-04/11

It's been a busy week throughout the studios, with dissertation synopsis deadlines and international field trips jetting off. We can't wait to hear back from them - but in the meantime we're throwing back to DS2's trip to Grymsdyke farm - and checking in on the finished 'poovilion'!

DS2's Live Build Project

Our first project this year was to construct a composting toilet. We visited Grymsdyke farm, a residential workshop run by Guan Lee. Guan set up the workshop to assist with his own PhD project, and so it is equipped with all the equipment we could need and more, including a CNC machine, a robot for 3D printing ceramics, electric saws, sanders, drills, sewing machines and hand tools. We stayed on the farm for four days to test, mill, construct and dry fit the pieces that would form our structure, cladding, and interior. We then took the pieces down to site, a community garden in Surbiton, and constructed the enclosure before an opening party held by the garden!

As we worked, the DS took photographs of the structure, and Scott Howarth created amazing motion capture videos of the process.

Zone 5 - Genzynation // Emily Walsh

GenZYnation is a music video created by Zone 5. The aim was to capture the world of the YZ generation. The video is a remix of ‘Cola’, a 2017 track and ‘Thriller’ which aimed to capture the obsession with nostalgia. The footage was shot on various cameras including phones, this is also part of the narrative of the selfie generation. Like a K Drama this film was shot and edited in 3 days showing how technology has enabled the ZY generation to live an instantaneous existence.

What's On

We're really hoping that one of you has tickets to the Architecture as Medicine talk at the Wellcome Collection - it's fully booked but it looks incredible!

Otherwise, get some inspiration for our Ritual theme at the Ashmolean's exhibition on The Art of Contemporary Japanese Tea.

Student of the Week

This week we're featuring Johanna Mayr from DS1. In her own words:

'REDUX (meaning brought back; revived) is an incentivised recycling platform based in Oxford, that aims to achieve two goals; (1) to promote and encourage higher levels of recycling and (2) to increase the value and lifespan of recycled materials.'

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