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Week 04// 15/10 - 21/10

What another great week we've had here in the architecture school. With model making, construction and research going on throughout the building, there's been some great work produced. So much so, that we'd love to see it going into the magazine. We'd like to remind you all that the call for submissions for Ritual is still out. If you have an idea, but don't know how to develop it into an article, our writing workshop on Monday 22nd October should help out! Come along for advice on how to write architectural journalism, as well as last minute dissertation help!

DS3 London Site Visit / Beatriz AntunaTentor

On the 2nd of October, Design Studio 3 participated in a seminar and a “reading the city” task in which the group discussed the themes of goods and bodies, analysing its implications on the development of Kings Cross area.

During the seminar the differences and similarities as well as the consequences of goods and bodies were discussed in order to be carried out in the subsequent in situ site analysis.

The site walk consisted in the understanding of the formation of the urban fabric within its development since the foundation of Kings Cross as a crossroads landmark (represented by the sculpture of a cage in its exact point), through its industrialised past and its current transformation into a redeveloped area that holds Central Saint Martins University, and is currently undergoing the construction of a Google campus.

In our discussions within the site, we aimed to understand the importance of the evolution of the sites surrounding it and determined key elements that were especially important to the theme at hand; such as Kings Cross Station, The British Library and St Pancras Old Church.

Unit G Site Presentations / Olivia Anderson

On Thursday Unit G presented on site. Our brief was to pick an object that reminded us of home and then make something for site that combined our research of the site and our feeling of home. There were some really interesting projects - including our Student of the Week!

What's On

We're looking forward to the Sculpting Spaces talk at the Southbank Centre on the 1st November - book now for your place!

Student of the Week

Finally, our student of the week is another group this week - the scone kitchenette group from Unit G. Here's what Charlotte Gregory and Jeanette Aves have to say about their work:

Baking Street Station

This temporary intervention originated from the premise that humble home recipes are often a shared experience that bring people together.

The pre-existing communities and newer Portuguese community in Vauxhall are currently divided, and we developed our project to both demonstrate the similarities, and celebrate the differences, in the cultures there. We took our home adaption of the traditional scone recipe and found a parallel in local Portuguese baking: the broa de canela. Our workstation contains only the facilities for the recipes, requiring two people to complete the set: one to teach the recipe, and the other to learn by mirroring the method used. This negates any issues in enabling both to participate simultaneously, and encourages direct comparisons between the two foods. A portable oven completes the kitchenette, allowing the entire process to be completed on the street to attract participation from anyone who lives, works, or visits the area.

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