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Week 03// 08/10 - 14/10

With another hectic week gone by, there's been some great work produced in the studios! Here at OSA, we are beginning to receive submissions for Ritual, and we're really excited to get into the editing process.

It's been great to see people really getting stuck into research, in specialisations and in design studios, like DS1 and DS3 who have been really focusing on the research side of their projects. Other groups have been getting straight into making, customising their space, and really starting to build an architectural home.

Student of the Week

This week, the student of the week is not a single student, but an entire design studio. DS2 are at the build stage of their live project - a pavilion that holds a composting toilet for a community garden - lovingly christened the 'poovilion'! It's been a long process, and as I write they're still working their steel-toecapped boots off. The weekend has been filled with 1:1 tests, failures, improvements, and an awful lot of hard work - but it's beginning to pay off!

What's On

Are you busy, and wanting to get the most of a gallery? Try one of the free tours at the Ashmolean, which leave 11am every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from Gallery 21.

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