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Week 07// 12/03 - 18/03

​OSA Magazine is a platform for documenting, sharing and publicising the varied agendas of students at Oxford Brookes School of Architecture.

Here on our new weekly update, we will be recommending arts and culture events currently open in London and Oxford. We'll also be sharing articles from our limited edition print publications past, present and future, so you'll still be able to read contributions from the OSA writers, even if the magazines are sold out.


Student of the week:

Our featured student of the week is

George Barnes

Architecture Undergrad // Unit B

You can find more of his amazing work on his instagram : @jeorjebarnes

or you can contact him on his email:

Unit B prides itself in supporting the individuality of students, resulting in a plurality of briefs and personal methodologies. Without being shy of the computer, the use of analogue tools is heavily encouraged. Hand-drawing, casting and traditional photography are pitched as media in which ideas can be both represented and discovered. This year we are exploring the continuum of scientific endeavour, from scientific preoccupations and aesthetics of the past to the untapped architectural implications of contemporary research. The first project of the year was sited in Paris, our field trip destination, while the second major project will be closer to home in Oxford.

George Barnes’ house for phlebotomist Klaus Bauer translates the medieval practices of bloodletting into a contemporary setting. Here the thermal potential of extracted blood is used for heating and cooling the building with a provocative practicality, while its optical properties are exploited in the façade. The project makes reference to Douglas Darden’s Oxygen house and the grotesque, and is accompanied by a detailed technology scheme where structure and envelope are tied back to logics of the human body.

OSA "Annual" Send in your work, there is still time:

OxArch events of the week:


Led by a professional animator from Animakit Studios and focusing on Adobe After Effects. This workshop is aimed for postgrad to help with their representation module but all are welcome to come along.

See you there, Oxarch Team

It is back the OXARCH FIELD TRIP PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION in collaboration with OSA. Submit your best field trip photo to with the subject title Photography Competition by 30 March 2018 to be in with a chance of winning. The winner will have their photo published in the OSA Annual and receive a £50 Amazon voucher. Good Luck Oxarch Team

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Whatever your circumstance, follow the link to grab

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Orders close at midnight on Friday March 23rd

Have a fab week

- OSA team

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