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Week 06// 30/10 - 05/11

​OSA Magazine is a platform for documenting, sharing and publicising the varied agendas of students at Oxford Brookes School of Architecture.

Here on our new weekly update, we will be recommending arts and culture events currently open in London and Oxford. We'll also be sharing articles from our limited edition print publications past, present and future, so you'll still be able to read contributions from the OSA writers, even if the magazines are sold out.


Dear all,

It's week 06, and we have more special reviews, student drawings and events around Oxford and London


Image of the week:

Our featured student of the week is

Maximilian Frederick Brian Lewis

MArchD 2// DS5

Creator: Max Lewis// See more of his work on

Impossible Future?

Zone sections, inspired by MC Escher's drawing combining metamorphosis and impossible perspective. Incorporated into the drawing are aspects of my current research, including Elon Musk's Space X and Hyperloop, water Evaporation Engines, agricultural methane collection and screening from the atmosphere.

Events visited by OSA members:

Petya Tsokova

MArchD 2// DS1

Serpentine Pavilion 2017

Designed by Francis Kéré

Dates: 23 June 2017 - 19 November 2017

Location: Kensington Gardens, London, UK

Entrance: Free

The Serpentine Pavilion has become an important annual event on the calendar of all architecture students and professionals alike. This year the Serpentine Galleries have approached the award-winning African architect Diébédo Francis Kéré with the much desired commission and the result is an exciting piece of architecture that seeks to re-connect the visitors with nature.

Not as imposing on the local landscape as the BIG’s 2016 proposal, approaching the Pavilion from inside the Kensington Gardens is a journey of revelation. The first thing one notices is the timber roof structure that hovers above the bold royal blue walls. Inspired by the concept of the tree as a communal gathering space - a cultural reference to Kéré’s native Burkina Faso - the roof resembles a tree canopy. Supported by an elegant steel structure it becomes the centre of social activity, of gathering, within the Pavilion.

The roof structure is not only a social focal point - it also the main mediator between visitors and nature. Designed to accommodate London’s ever-changing weather, it highlights not only the free movement of light and air on sunny days but also the flow of water. On rainy days, the tunnel-like structure of the roof is intended to direct water down, towards the central space of the Pavilion, creating “a spectacular waterfall effect” (in the words of the Serpentine Galleries themselves) and playing up the idea of water as a driving force of life.

Key for the design is the concept of openness, addressed by both the central structure and the walls delicately arranged around it. The Pavilion has four entrances but the large openings between the barely overlapping walls create the sense of a space continuous with the park surrounding it. Kéré is successful in creating an enclosure and sense of protection and shelter without fully separating the internal public space from the exterior. His design blurs the boundaries between inside and outside and questions the concept of shelter as we have come to think of it.

This year the Serpentine Pavilion has been extended by a month. Even if you have missed visiting it during the summer, there are still three more weeks to see and experience its bold and innovative architecture.

Events around Oxford and London:

AA XX 100: AA Women and Architecture in Context

1917- 2017: an International Conference

Where: London, AA and the Paul Mellon Centre in Bedford Square, London, W.C.1

Dates: November 2- 04, 2017

The conference runs 2nd- 4th November 2017

Pushkin House Presents: A Pavilion by Alexander Brodsky

OxArch events of the week:

02// 11 // 2017- OxArch goes climbing

Event info: OxArchEvent

We have another amazing event for you! We are going climbing, have you got what it take to make it to the top? Our event will be held on the 2nd of November from 13:00-15:00, during those two hours we will have three 40 minute session so make sure you come with your friends. The price is £3 for a 40 minute session- members only You can purchase your tickets online at: Only 30 places available so get them quick.

02// 11 // 2017- OxArch goes climbing

Event info:

It's that time of the year again!! Our Jumper competition has officially launched.

Please incorporate the OxArch logo, or an adaptation. The design must have a maximum

of 2 colours only, and include the name "Oxford Architecture Society"

Send your submissions to:

The winning design will be chosen by public vote.

Good Luck! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Have a fab week

- OSA team

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