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Week 04// 16/10 - 22/10

​OSA Magazine is a platform for documenting, sharing and publicising the varied agendas of students at Oxford Brookes School of Architecture.

Here on our new weekly update, we will be recommending arts and culture events currently open in London and Oxford. We'll also be sharing articles from our limited edition print publications past, present and future, so you'll still be able to read contributions from the OSA writers, even if the magazines are sold out.


Dear all,

It's week 04 already and there is some amazing work around the studio..\


Image of the week:

Our featured student of the week is

Tom Jephson

MArchD 2// DS1

Creator: Tom Jephson// See more of his work on

instagram: @tom_jephson

"Drone Metamorphosis" Set in the not too distant future, the drawing depicts a typical city street where drones have become an integral part of a Neo-Liberal society. In this case, the social and spatial implications of the inclusion of the drone have been explored against the various layers of the city.

Events visited by OSA members:

Lina Kadditi

MArchD 2// DS6

Dates: 16 September 2017 – 7 January 2018

Location: Chicago Cultural Centre, Chicago, Illinois

Entrance: Free

The second Chicago Architecture Biennial opened last month, on the 16th September, at the Chicago Cultural Centre, one of the country’s grandest interior public spaces. This year’s theme is “Make New History” and artistic directors, Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee, gathered some of the world’s top architects, designers and thinkers, 140 in particular, to showcase their response to the theme.

This year the exhibition’s curators attempt to make new architecture in dialogue with history, they want to return to the architectural basics, by promoting very few screens and even fewer beautiful rendering of expensive projects, giving space to models and drawings. They are featuring the combination of expertise and craft, unique to the architectural profession.

Also, they have given room to a new generation of architects who want to establish themselves and they have banished star architects such as Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvel, Frank Gehry and Norman Foster. “A biennial is not an all-star show,” Lee mentioned on an interview.

This biennial showcases projects across all three floors of the building, in large gallery spaces, in corners and along ramps and corridors but also breaks outs of the Cultural Centre and positions displays and events all around Chicago.

On the high-ceilinged top floor, some of architecture’s most talented emerging firms, including Kéré Architecture (Serpentine Pavilion 2017), display oversized models (4.8m tall) under the idea of ‘Vertical City’ revisiting the famously competition of 1922 to design Chicago’s Tribune Tower. These 16-foot-tall scale models propose new towers reflecting formal explorations of the tower type, exquisite corpses, as-found objects with new scales and material tests. They are an alternative approach to supertall buildings now crowding together in cities such as Shanghai and Dubai.

One floor below, is the complementary ‘Horizontal City’ with smaller entries by 24 architecture firms, many founded by young American architects, invited to reconsider the status of the architectural interior. The models are laid out on a field of plinths imitating the original footprint of the 1947 Mies van der Rohe plan of the IIT Campus.

The exhibition showcases the richness of diversity of ideas, positions, discourses and generations and it pushes the envelope of thinking about architecture and our relationship to the space it occupies. You leave with a sense of excitement and wonder about architecture but not necessarily with complete understanding, leading to more inquiry.

Toby's top secret museum list (not so secret anymore)// Part 2:

Might be interesting:

Somerset House:

Bjork Digital


Science Museum:


Zhongguo 2185

OxArch events of the week:

17// 10 // 2017- Scribble Craw

Event info: OxArchEvent

This social is one of our favourites! It is our annual "scribble" crawl. We are going to start at: Cafe Baba// 20:00-20:30 Cowley Retreat// 20:40- 21:15 Cafe Tarifa// 22:00- 22:45 Be at one// 23:00-- We will all end up at Purple Turtle. We are also having a three legged race with a student who is not in your year. And prizes for the best t-shirt and fastest pair to purple turtle! So bring your white t-shirts because it will get scribbily!! See you all there!! xx P.S deals on drink will be announced soon. For be- at- one if you download their app you can get 2 for 1 deals!

Have a fab week

- OSA team

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