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We need you!

It comes to that time of the year where everyone is thinking about the next step, whether that be the transition from year two to three or move from university to practice. Here at OSA, we are thinking about next step for magazine. Year on year the magazine grows in size and develops in content so we need to grow our team: our editors are moving onto pastures new so we need new members keep the magazine fresh, exciting and dynamic.

OSA want committed passionate people to take an active role in the development of the magazine. We need people who are interested in writing, graphics, editing, printing, drawing, doodling, promoting, partying(!) etc. If you think you have something to bring to the table or have any further questions, please contact us at or James Barrell (UG YR3)/Sonia Tong (PG YR2)

We also have a few specific roles to fill:

Undergraduate Editor (approximate commitment 4/5 hours per week):

Joining our editorial team at the weekly editors meeting, the UG editor will see the magazine through from initial discussions to print, be responsible for its progress and ensure that all tasks required are completed. S/he will be an integral part of OSA and ought to be committed to the role. (this position is only open to undergraduate students)

Graphics Editor (approximate commitment 3/4 hours per week):

The graphics editor will be responsible for producing/commissioning of graphics and visuals required for the magazine and its marketing, and manage a small team (2/3) of designers. S/he will be integral to setting out the graphic intent of magazine, a defining part of the magazines image and joining editorial meetings to keeping the editors up to date with progress. Proficiency in Indesign and Illustrator are essential. (this position is open to all students)

Marketing/Social Media Editor (approximate commitment 3/4 hours per week):

The magazine is forever growing and is intent on reaching an audience beyond the school of architecture. The marketing editor will be responsible for the promotion of the magazine through the production/commissioning of posters and social media, organising launch events and liaising with editors at the weekly editorial meeting. Proficiency in Illustrator and Photoshop are desirable but not essential. (this position is open to all students)

All roles are flexible, with applicants having the opportunity to shape their position to suit their needs and aspirations for the magazine. Commitment varies week by week, approximations above should be used as a rough guide. If you would like to apply to any of the positions above or have any further questions, please contact James Barrell (UG YR3) or Sonia Tong (PG YR2) at

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