How to build a time Machine

Technology is revolutionising Architecture and the Arts. We had the pleasure to attend the first 2020 session of Architects Underground on technological development. The topics were broad and controversial but refreshing and significant. Caleb Femi was a great host for the evening and I do agree with him: bathrooms are the most important part of the building, that's where I normally go when I am having a meltdown! Nic Monisse's presentation on the Climate Denial in Australia and the Karri Fire House was HOT. It was sad to hear that there has been a lack of preventive action in relation to the increase in bush fires in Australia particular on the part of Scott Morrison who, at the time they w

Week 4// 17/02 - 23/02

This week has been a busy one (as usual!) with Unit G hosting their Northern:Lights Exhibition on Monday and OxArch's Post-Valentine's Social on Tuesday, which by all accounts was a much-needed break from studio work! Studio Update: Unit G Undergraduate design unit G is the first Unit to be featured on the blog in 2020 - it's a Unit G tradition to host an exhibition after their field trip, complete with Sketch Movies that the students have made on their travels. This year, Unit G travelled to Norway for a week in January, catching plenty of snow and dramatic sunsets. Their exhibition was a great way of showcasing their travels to the rest of the studio, complete with beers, snacks and a frie

Wallacei Kent Lecture Review

Wallacei is the tool for future designers. Inspired by evolutionary theory and utilising genetic algorithms this AI is much better than Galapagos. It allows one to produce multiple solutions for a design problem instead of an optimised one. This is a means for generating diversity rather than optimisation. What stroke me to be the most important about Milad's lecture was actually the fact that the focus of design shifts from the composition of a solution to the composition of a critical design problem. These tools give us more time to make better informed and more responsible decisions about the built environment. How ? By taking time away from deriving a solution we are actually engaging mo

Week 3// 10/02 - 16/02

It may only be February but things are still picking up quite the pace around the studios, with plenty of workshops, experiments and discussions going on. It's great to see the studios so busy! Art Materials Sale - 14 Feb, The Lab OxArch is hosting a materials sale from 10am - 3pm today, with everything 10% off, and everything capped at £10 for OxArch members! Unit G are holding an exhibition in their studio space on Monday 17th February, showcasing their work and their visit to Norway this January. Go check it out! Traffic Light Social - 18th Feb, from 20:00 OxArch and UrbOx are teaming up for a post-Valentine's Traffic Light Social, starting at Turf Tavern, continuing through White Rabbit,

OSA Review: Jhono Bennet - A Post-Post-Apartheid Urban Praxis

Praxis: The process by which a theory is embodied, enacted, or realised. Jhono Bennet is an architect based in Johannesburg, South Africa, specialising in place-based approaches to architecture and urban planning. He visited Brookes in October, sitting in on Unit D's Crits before presenting his work on spatial narratives and urbanism as part of OxArch's In Conversation With... Series. Jhono Bennet works primarily in the cities of Durban and Johannesburg; dense, diverse cities in one of the most continuously human-occupied areas of the world. Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa, a "city of contradictions", which is constantly being re-imagined. Bennet discussed the idea of a Post

Week 2// 03/02 - 09/02

Week 2 is here, and with it we had our first OxArch In Conversation With... Lecture of 2020: Robin Partington of Apt came to talk about the connections between architecture and craftsmanship. Coverage of the lecture will be up on the blog soon! OxArch also announced several exciting events happening in the coming months: an Art Supply Sale on February 14th, a Joint Social with Urban Design on February 18th an upcoming Sports social (date to be confirmed) and a Film workshop. In other news, OSA now has a GoodReads account! Check it out here - we'll be adding to it regularly with the books we've found inspiring and informative, and we hope you find it useful. We're on the lookout for work to s

OSA Review: Anna Parker, Intervention Architecture

"You're never too old to play" - Anna Parker Anna Parker is the founder and lead of Intervention Architecture (IA), a young practice based in Birmingham which Parker founded when she was 27. Their low-cost bespoke approach to architecture creates a playful design process which is showcased in their detailed illustrations and fondness for GIFs and animations. The bright graphics are IA's trademark in their initial design stages, rather than being purely for show. One of the ways IA integrates collaboration and play is through Make It Brum, a collaboration between IA and Arup. Make It Brum, which has been running for 2 years, works with children aged between 13 and 15 (school years 9 and 10) t