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Wallacei Kent Lecture Review

Wallacei is the tool for future designers.

Inspired by evolutionary theory and utilising genetic algorithms this AI is much better than Galapagos. It allows one to produce multiple solutions for a design problem instead of an optimised one. This is a means for generating diversity rather than optimisation.

What stroke me to be the most important about Milad's lecture was actually the fact that the focus of design shifts from the composition of a solution to the composition of a critical design problem.

These tools give us more time to make better informed and more responsible decisions about the built environment. How ? By taking time away from deriving a solution we are actually engaging more deeply with the design problem.

The quality and reliability of the data introduced is also of high importance.

You can use this tool both during a conceptual phase or on a final stage phase of a project, you can address any design problem except that of beauty. Beauty was never really a problem for Architects was it ? Their stigmatised egos in comparison to those of the Artist perhaps.

As neurons and nodes in an evermore intense and fast synaptic network we can afford to be not only architects but also poets, artists and photographers at the same time. Think not of either or, always both, as someone has taught me.

Theory and recipes of past Architectures are algorithms translatable into this new language. Combined with modern human and contextual data can and will be dignified and rebuilt. A digital library can be conjectured.

We love libraries and lists be them of numbers or words, summations or metaphors, we don't discriminate.

You can download this plugin in food for Rhino: WallaceiPlugin

You can find a lot of guidance videos here: WallaceiLearning

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