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Week 11// 02/12 - 06/12

This week the studios have been buzzing with energy. Units are now preparing for the final reviews of the semester.

Don't miss our Social next week Monday the 9th at 6 pm at the SU bar. It will be a great way to meet our editors in chief and in house authors so if you wanna get involved in OSA or just take a break from work tag a long for a drink!

Paola Sassi will be working with students to engage in the Architecture Education Declares Manifesto.

This is an extremely important Manifesto that asks students and academic staff to engage with issues of climate emergency, social justice and sustainability as part of architectural education.

Various Students and Staff have signed the open letter here: AED Letter

If you are interested in contributing your ideas, please join the meeting which will take place on Tuesday 17th Dec at 11:00 opposite the Tank Gallery in Abercrombie building.

Submissions for Issue XII:REBEL are open until 20th December! We welcome written, drawn, photographic and modelling submissions - so get creative and see where the REBEL in you takes you! Send submissions to for your chance to be featured.

OSA would also like to remind everyone who is in capacity of doing so to vote!

We wish every student the very best of luck with this semester's final push and we would like to remind you to stay healthy and reach out to each other if in need of help.

Here are a couple of song recommendations for you to add to your working power playlist:

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