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Launch party invitation

This week we will celebrate the launch of OSA MAGAZINE issue 5 CRAFT. You are all invited to the Launch Party on Friday 22nd April from 4 o'clock in level 3 studio.

This will be one of three events that OSA Magazine is running for the Spring/Summer issue. The other two will be during the Oxford School of Architecture end of year exhibition in Oxford as well as in London. We are really proud to announce that this is our best issue yet.

Issue 5 CRAFT is featuring interviews with Ruth Emily Davey, Tonic Architecture as well as Maria Lobont-Puscas. On top of external contributions we are really excited to present student work that ranges from Eclectic Bow ties to defining yourself through craft in the AAD specialisation during the first year of the MArchD program. Our contributor's work extends beyond the territorial boundaries of the United Kingdom to places such as Sarajevo, Borneo, Japan, India and Romania in the continuous exploration of craft in different cultures.

We are incredibly happy to start sharing this issue with all of you and that is why we are having multiple dates during which you can engage with our writers, editors and contributors, talk about their experience as well as enjoy some wine, cheese and a good read.

On Friday 22nd we will be selling our magazine at the discount price of £4. Please make sure you have cash, exact money is not required as we will be able to give change. There will be music, drinks and snacks so drop by and help yourself to a magazine, it was a long year, you've earned it.


Oxford Brookes University, Abercrombie Building

3rd floor studio, Student Hub#

4.00pm to 7.00pm as we do not want to disturb all the hard workers in the studio and so we can take the party to a pub later on :)

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