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Issue XV of OSA Annual:


The OSA Annual is intended to be promotional tool for the innovative, thought provoking and inspiring work that has been completed by students and staff within the school. The issue enables student to be enterprising in valuing their academic work as interesting and engaging within a publication. The issue is divided into three chapters of Reflection, Materiality, and Transition. Reflection focuses on the historic or existing contexts and how they can be used to inform design to holitistically shape the built environment. Materiality questions design in a world struggling with a commerist addiction and looks at how design can consider material consumption throughout the buildings lifecycle. Finally, transitions explores how we move from a post pandemic world into a world quite literally on fire. One where globalisation and power meets the challenges of the climate crisis as well as shifts in thinking towards gender and identity.


Physical Magazine is only availble for purchase via collection from Oxford Brookes Architecture Department

Physical: OSA Annual XV

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