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OSA Issue 14 explores "Reimagine"


Under the theme of 'Reimagine' we are looking in-depth at how society and the profession are reimagining ways of thinking, designing, working, and living within architecture. The pandemic has enabled society to realise the status quo can be altered, and that the adaptation and redesign of architecture can facilitate improvements for individuals and the mass population alike.  The upheaval of the norm generated by the pandemic has created a momentum of change. This, combined with new technological innovation in visualisation, modelling and production, as well as the necessity to redesign for the climate crisis has allowed architects to continue to push the boundaries of modern design. We can only hope it will produce a more holistic and sustainable future in the built environment. 

The following issue explores how these developments are emerging across the discipline and reimagine what this means for the future of the architectural industry.The articles written by our student-lead team, as well as external guest writers, give a great insight into different aspects of the profession from architectural education, to heritage for the future. This is the first issue of the OSA Magazine physically printed since the start of the pandemic and we hope you enjoy holding it in your hands and flicking through its pages to discover the different stories we have to tell.

OSA Issue 14 - Reimagine (Physical)

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