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OSA Issue 12 investigates "Rebel"

Rebellion is part of our very history, and will always be a part of our future. In this day and age, the world is changing faster than ever. New movements are constantly ebbing and flowing, and with the advent of global communication, we are connected to more people than ever thought possible. Connection, however, does not always bring cohesion. The world is both united and divided over countless questions and issues. The environment is at a tipping point. Technology is moving faster than many can keep up with. Human connection is an act of rebellion. The line between who is right and who is more convincing can be blurred beyond recognition.

In this issue, we ask: Where does the role of the architect stand in this rebellion? Is design becoming obsolete in the face of the modern world or do we need it now more than we ever have before?


The proceeds of this issue will be equally distributed to the charities Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and Oxfordshire Youth

OSA Issue 12 - REBEL

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