Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is like nothing I have encountered so far. The city is huge, sprawling over such a vast distance, with hundreds of tower blocks in the centre of the city, crazy traffic, and people everywhere. During the 80s, as Jakarta grew and developed, many historical buildings were destroyed, and areas of kampongs (slums) were removed to make way for high rise buildings and shopping malls. This boost in real estate led to an increase in foreign investment, as well as foreign architects. These architects did not understand the climate of the area, and built high buildings which resembled Western styles, without any consideration for the tropics. This has led to significant environmental impacts n

Week 8// 16/03 - 20/03

This is obviously a very confusing, and sensitive time. We advice everyone to follow the advice given by Oxford Brookes University ( & NHS ( at all times. However, do take care and alongside OxArch we as a community will continue to support each other through this time. Do not hesitate to contact us at this time if any support is required. Architecture is a unique community that looks out for each other, although you may be isolated make sure to reach out to friends or family it's important to keep communication open. However, we will still continue to provide content on OSA with student work an

Week 6// 02/03 - 08/03

It's hard to believe we're already at Week 6! Most undergrads have had their interim crits, and design projects are taking shape in every space. This week we also had Brookes alumni from Hawkins/Brown visit us for the penultimate OxArch In Conversation With... Lecture of the year. Don't miss the final OxArch lecture in 2 weeks! REBEL Article submissions are open! We're partway through the editing process for Issue XII: Rebel, so remember to send us your work if you're interested in getting published! Getting published in a magazine is a great opportunity to showcase your projects and research, and to engage with potential employers - plus it's a great thing to add to your CV! Send your submi