Week 05// 26/02 - 04/03

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Student of the week:

Our featured student of the week is

Andreea Bunica

Architecture Undergrad Third Year// Unit C

You can find more of her amazing work on her instagram : @thepandrea

and on her site: http://thepandrea.format.com/

Unit C _ Week 05 Update

//Andreea Bunica

//Paper Model 1/ exploring unifying fluidities


_experimental design phase


_experimental model making (paper, cnc, test 3d printing) exploring our individual architectural briefs

_1:50 building fragments / digitally fabricated

_GA outlines

_formal language experiments

// Unit C Table Crit_ 22nd of February

// Unit C Table Crit_ 22nd of February

CHAPTER 5 // MELTING_ Personal explorations in Unit C

// Failed 3D prints

The past two weeks have been dedicated to furthering my architectural brief and initiate 1:50/ 1:200 formal experiments in context.

// Paper Model 2 / exploring enclosure, transition and void

// 3D print 1 / exploring internal voids and the production of level differences

// sections / exploring wall cavities and voids


_from superurban to superrural // where buildings return to wilderness

_disintegration of pristine formalism through biophilia

// fragment 1/ exploring voids and transition solids

// fragment 2/ exploring melting facades


_jigsaw structures // fluidity between rough and smooth

_dismantled tectonics // fragmentation of larger pieces

_construction mobility // disintegrating biomaterials

// 3D print 3 / rough versus smooth

// 3D print 1 / enclosure, transition, void


_3D printing ( mixed filaments )

_paper modelling

_digital modelling ( maya)

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Unit Trips:

Alec Parcell Postgrad Student from DS2.

In January this year I travelled to Rwanda to undertake site research having approached a local church about an advertisement to design a new school. The town of Gahini was unlike anywhere I had previously visited and was in desperate need of support. I was lucky enough to be warmly received into the community as we discussed the potential future of the project and the church’s vision for the scheme. Upon leaving Rwanda I have stayed in touch with the church and plan to act as an advisor in their further progression of the project. Whilst in Rwanda I visited Light Earth Design’s Rwandan International cricket stadium, as well as meeting with local architects from MASS Design Group and Active Social Architecture to share their experiences of school design in a resource-poor country.

Student Experiments:

Jack Ridgy and Hannah Day are making blood bricks

We were making blood bricks based on the exploratory work by Westminster alum Jack Monroe which makes use of animal blood, a waste product that is most commonly incinerated despite its potential. When combined with sand and baked in a mould, it creates a tough, weatherproof building material.

OxArch events of the week: