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Call For Submission!

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Wanna be featured? We want to showcase your work! To have your work featured on the OSA magazine's Insta and website, send us an email to with your images and a short description to explain your project.


Deadline: 19/10/2022 We are planning to post some articles on our blog about “What’s up at Brookes”, including the output of all the specialisations/units on our website. The work can be:

- Site Visits, Sketches and Analysis

- Construction Site Reviews

- Unit Exhibitions

- Work submitted within the first weeks (e.g Pop up Books from Interior Architecture / Week 00 task for MArchD Y2, and more)

We heard some students are putting together small exhibitions and this will be a great opportunity to submit your work to promote it to the entire school!

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