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22-23// BA Architecture - Unit F

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Toby Baring from Unit F

In today's blog post, we are delighted to have Toby from Year 3 BA Architecture, Unit F share his amazing chair made of paper pulps. Let's have a look below his concept and making process!

"Our brief was to experiment with plant-based materials, creating samples or objects with an architectural application, as speculative alternatives to standard energy-intensive building materials. The class made some interesting and varied things, from mycelium bricks to conquer glue and woven reed baskets, some of which I’ve incorporated into a detailed drawing."

Image credits: Toby Baring - Detailed wall section

"I investigated into the applications of paper pulp, making furniture from recycled newspaper and scrap wood. Rather than making a sample to look at, I wanted to create an object that people could use and enjoy.

The aesthetic of the furniture - particularly the chair, borrowed from Atelier Von Lieshout’s subversive and globular buildings, and to an extent from Philip Guston’s cartoonish paintings that I have drawn inspiration from lately. Both their work are in the vein of seriously silly, one of the unit’s mottos. I think it’s important for the design to be expressive and to have a sense of humour, whilst being functional. Certainly, this is the approach I find most rewarding, and others seem to appreciate."

Image credits: Toby Baring - Making Process

"In terms of the architectural applications of the paper pulp, it could be used as an interior plaster-like finish, or as an exterior render. The pulp lacks of structural integrity, hence the scrap wood armature to which I applied it. The pulp recipe would need to be developed further before it could fulfil these functions.

Overall, the exercise showed that with creativity we could develop plausible and useful materials from plant matter in a short timeframe. I think designing and delivering the exhibition itself was particularly useful. As a unit, it flexed our group work and organisational skills to design and deliver an engaging, informative and hopefully memorable experience."

Image credits: Toby Baring - Recycled Paper Pulp Planter

Image credits: Toby Baring - Recycled Paper Pulp Chair

By Toby Baring, Unit F

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