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Architects Underground

it’s something different.

It is not just for architects,

it is for everyone who has a love of, an interest in or an opinion on architecture and design.

The Architects Underground marks a new dawn for 66 Portland Place – a truly iconic address to host this live magazine.

On Wednesday evenings, RIBA’s Art Deco building will become a place for people to meet, be entertained, exchange views, discuss opportunities, debate ideas, find clients and discover something new. Guest performers, presenters and artists of all kinds will take the stage each week alongside innovative speakers shedding light on new ideas, inspirations and different ways of life. The Architects' Cocktail of the Week will be served at our new bar alongside something more sensible. Selected prints, posters, t-shirts and books will also be on sale.

I was very happy to attend their Bauhaus Lecture - the closing lecture for this term. It is about time that we see events of the sort happening. hey provide a space for conversation between students, educators and practitioners.

This one in particular gave us a flashback to Cabaret which I just loved because that's life.

House of Flora was the highlight of the night she gave us a beautiful presentation of real ideas in an accessible manner to designers, artists and architects alike. The bailarina neon shoes were my personal favourite.

It is inspiring to get to attend events like this for free and to understand that different designers carved their path through different mediums and disciplines.

Eva Franch gave us the usual anxious, hyper-aesthetic and vibrant presentation. Some of us sensible fellows get hypertalktive when anxious. Phallic in public what a brilliant persona for a world of men.

Eva truly mirrors her environment, like a chameleon provoking existencial crises, giving people at the RIBA fresh insights, a broken heart and an electric shock.

That's a tough job, really, they will crucify you and love you for it at the same time.

Blending identity - or the lack of it - with institutions seems to be a classic of the past. We move forward toward une collective identidade.

"Nothing is impossible if we don't mind who gets the credit" the downside to this is: it doesn't work in a world where people like to take credit for things they haven't made happen.

Brilliant, another addition to the C.V.! be careful pretending that you love your job!

Duty is one thing, quite attractive and responsible. Pretending is another.

Duty is often misperceived. Duty can be misperceived for Ego by those who are not dutiful.

Eva's Ego is huge. But you just wait until you conceptualize the size of her heart. You always should measure the ratio between the two to judge someone fairly instead of only making assumptions about someone based on one.

Down with the Patriarchy we should all be wearing aubergines in our heads!

The real MVP is always the youngest in the crowd these days: Pati de Souza. She fills her job with purpose and sisterhood and we love her for this and so much more.You can find out more about her here: Holy Fool Studio

In her words at the RIBA :

"... here’s a list I’ve started to keep this young soul grounded: persist and tell your own story to everyone (clients love stories).

1.Find your niche and experts; don’t put a limit on the people you can reach out to.

2.Talk to the elders hanging around you.

3.Don’t give up because: you have to make it happen.

4.Please go see your dentist.

Spell out the first letters of each point to get the key to life after higher education: PFDP, meaning, there is no key. "

Get ready for the real world kids, start practicing now!

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