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Week 07// 13/03 - 19/03

OSA Magazine is a platform for documenting, sharing and publicising the varied agendas of students at Oxford Brookes School of Architecture.

Here on our new weekly update, we will be recommending arts and culture events currently open in London and Oxford. We'll also be sharing articles from our limited edition print publications past, present and future, so you'll still be able to read contributions from the OSA writers, even if the magazines are sold out.

"Subtext" - image of the week:

Creator: Izzat Othman

Venice Cannaregio // Passage of Absence and Presence

The theme for this Design Studio is 'Project', dealing with projects that were unrealised or unbuilt, radical interventions that dealt with the every scale of the city. These projects had certain dogmas that they believed would make Venice as a better city. Few were proposed which represent traditional venetian themes: the ephemeral and the lagoon, campi, bridge, housing, facades, and museums.

This drawing focused on understanding the element that is related to the facet of the city – the campo. It tries to illustrate how all the unbuilt projects sit within the context of Cannaregio. These unbuilt projects are Le Corbusier’s hospital, Hejduk’s Watchtowers of Cannaregio and lastly Eisenman’s follies. The formalised grid was superimposed onto the site, treating it as an artificial ground. As such, all three projects had different approach to it - Corbusier’s hospital dealt with circulation and formalised spaces, Hejduk’s towers held the idea of solitude and monuments, and Eisenman’s follies concerned with voids or hollow spaces.

Events visited by OSA members:

Victoria Miro until 18 March 2017

It is all in the details…

Do Ho Suh has been exposed to many different cultures in his life, mainly through his experience of relocating from South Korea, to New York and finally London, which he has admirably captured through his colourful installation, the Passage/s. Instead of recreating the rooms such as the living and dining of the houses he lived in, the one-to-one scaled fabric structures depicted the transitional spaces such as the hallways and corridors. Suh strongly believes that “we tend to focus on the destination all the time and forget about the in-between spaces. But without these mundane spaces that nobody really pays attention to, these grey areas, one cannot get from point A to point B.” The combination of the hallways with architectural elements of the respective countries he lived in strongly materialises the topics of migration, transience and shifting of identities, of which he was interested in giving a physical form to. The level of intricacy he has given to the installation adds to the level of appreciation of the details, making it an exhibition that should not be missed out on.

On top of that, you will find, in other gallery rooms, his three supporting works: as you come downstairs, you will enter a room with experiments of the fabric structures rendered in 2 dimensional frames using gelatin tissue, creating highly visceral effects as the colours of the threads are heightened, bringing the details into focus. Going upstairs from there, you will find a collection of different doorknobs, light bulbs and buzzers modeled after his New York apartment, signifying his closure as he left New York permanently after twenty years for London. And lastly, you will enter a room exhibiting a journey shot through 3 GoPros of the discovery of the locality of London and South Korea in arbitrary order, with dialogues sounding in English and Korean between the artist and his daughters, accentuating the crossing of cultures and geographical boundaries.

Do pay a visit to the exhibition before it ends!

Written by Jing Tan

Main Exhibition: FREE

one for you to wander and experience (literally)

Events in London:


Skarstedt Gallery in London


March 7 until April 22, 2017

at KK Outlet, London


March 2 – 31, 2017

Part ll, Blog of the week:

OxArch events of the week:

A nimble, light-footed and fresh practice. Beautiful detail and use of materials are a focus point for this practice, we're looking forward to hearing from them!

Have an awesome week,

- OSA Team

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