Week 1// 27/01 - 02/02

Welcome back to Brookes! We hope you have all had an enjoyable holiday season, and have given yourselves some time off - now it's time to knuckle down and focus on the new semester! Semester Two has been off to a flying start this week, with cross-crits and pin-ups happening throughout the studio, and graduate prospects already being discussed for upper years. A big congratulations to 3rd Year Undergraduates, who have just handed in their Dissertations - we hope you've managed to recover from those long days spent typing away! We would love to feature more work from Undergrads here on the blog and in our published magazines, so if you have a dissertation chapter or an essay that you'd like t

A Love Letter to the Lighthouse in the Expanded Field

I have been spending the last two Saturdays working on a project that has actually inspired me to engage more in building than thinking. It has been quite wonderful to be able to be back in London and be part of the team that is currently working with the talented Sean Gwee to set up this year's Mark Fisher's Scholarship Event. Here is a brief description of the project and scholarship: The lighthouse is more than a tool. It is a mediator between us the viewers and the landscape we inhabit. No longer tied to the maritime tradition by way of navigational function, the lighthouse is freed. The lighthouse which was once a beacon of welcome, then a beacon of warning can become a beacon of care t