Disabling the Disabled, Enabling the Enablers

I walk into the building and the noise is intense. Not necessarily high pitched but complex, too many voices and videos. Someone has sat on the usual place I sit, the only place closest to the unit I have been assigned to (my second choice). It is right next to a printer so people keep passing to print things. There is boys close by, saying things that make me feel sexualised and objectified in some manner or maybe is just sarcasm? I never know because when I do it, I get misconstrued and people make weird faces at me. I suck at makeup as I never really liked to have things on my face. I made an extra effort to put on a mate layer for my eyelashes so that they don’t get damaged by the sticky

NFTS - Mumbai

My first full day in Mumbai, India, was a chance to explore the culture, with the beautiful architecture in the Fort area, including the Victoria Station and the historic Post Office. The post office was designed by a British architect, John Begg, in 1902, completed in 1913. The stone is a beautiful mix of black basalt and yellow kurla stone, with the main feature being a grand dome. From here, I took a train to the an informal settlement known for people washing their clothes. This is a spot which attracts lots of tourists, and is an example of how the visibility of slums can be a factor in the government’s perspective – often they will not be evicted if the public perception is positive or

Week 11// 02/12 - 06/12

This week the studios have been buzzing with energy. Units are now preparing for the final reviews of the semester. Don't miss our Social next week Monday the 9th at 6 pm at the SU bar. It will be a great way to meet our editors in chief and in house authors so if you wanna get involved in OSA or just take a break from work tag a long for a drink! Paola Sassi will be working with students to engage in the Architecture Education Declares Manifesto. This is an extremely important Manifesto that asks students and academic staff to engage with issues of climate emergency, social justice and sustainability as part of architectural education. Various Students and Staff have signed the open letter