Architects Underground

The Architects Underground is a new thing: it’s something different. It is not just for architects, it is for everyone who has a love of, an interest in or an opinion on architecture and design. The Architects Underground marks a new dawn for 66 Portland Place – a truly iconic address to host this live magazine. On Wednesday evenings, RIBA’s Art Deco building will become a place for people to meet, be entertained, exchange views, discuss opportunities, debate ideas, find clients and discover something new. Guest performers, presenters and artists of all kinds will take the stage each week alongside innovative speakers shedding light on new ideas, inspirations and different ways of life.

Week 10// 25/11 - 01/12

It's beginning to look a lot like crunch time - we're barely 3 weeks away from the end of semester! This week on the blog we're featuring DS1's field trip, along with Chloe's 4th NFTS blog (which you can find here) and a thought-provoking blog from Luisa on social action and intersectionality (which you can find here) Don't miss the free Climate Peace Talk at the AA on the 2nd December with Territorial Agency - All events put forward by AED are free for everyone to participate in. You can follow the Summit Conversations that happened earlier on this term through the AACTION page and the AA Youtube Page Also coming up in the next week: Dyslexic Academic: Towards a Neurodivergent Academy - an

NFTS - Curitiba

The main case study for my scholarship trip and research was Curitiba. This is a city in Brazil that is well known for being a sustainable city, but I was there to put to test the social sustainability. For me, sustainability must always integrate social, economic and environmental sustainability. There is little point in having fantastic bus routes (BRT – Bus Rapid Transit) and recycling projects if they are not accessible to all of the community. Ciranda de Pais is a project aimed at maternity support through education and encouraging the children to interact and play. The coordinator is Cris Arns, whose family is known for their social work. Her aunt, Zilda Arns founded Pastoral da Crianç

Week 9 // 18/11 - 22/11

This week a couple of undergraduate units had their field trips you can see some of the highlights of Unit H on this post. Second Years Master's students Cross-Reviews have proven to be more useful than the weekly tutorials for some. You can find out more about how to approach architecture through a more experimental background in this article: Future Terminologies. AALAWuN is collaborating with us this week. They have asked OSA to ask the Brookes Community the following question: "Architecture in Translation", What does this mean? you can submit your answers to Don't miss the final Lecture of the Term next Wednesday 27th, a BauHaus Special, at the RIBA for the Architects

Future Terminologies

This provocative piece is a proposition for vocabulary surrounding the conversations held earlier this semester at the AACTION Climate Summit. They aim to trigger conversations that concern our relationship to our bodies, roles in society, heritage and hence our built environments, in a global-aware scape. I have been previously involved in social action for refugees and Neurodiversity and have been appalled at the amount of oblivious people working in the field. The white saviour complex is threatening for the well-being of native localities and local economies, putting the focus on other parts of the World, instead of right her, right now. Simultaneously, does not provide students in the

Week 8// 11/11 - 15/11

We are entering the the heavy part of the semester where ideas are starting to formulate, the beginnings of dissertations are being formalised, and deadlines are ever looming. However, remember to keep eating and sleeping regularly and looking after yourselves! This course is not just mentally challenging but can be physically challenging so remember to stay active and make time to see the great outdoors! This week Professor Jane Anderson (Programme Lead for Undergraduate Architecture at Oxford Brookes) gave a talk on 'Live Projects and Architectural Education'. Drawing on her research, it provided a positive light within the current ongoing discussions on architectural education. Our full r

NFTS - Brasilia

Destination #3 of my Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship was Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Brasilia was one of the most interesting places I visited on my trip, but personally my least favourite. My research was heavily focused on socially sustainable design, but the 60s modernist style of Brasilia was a complete contrast. I found it difficult to get around without a car, as it is heavily motor focused with limited pedestrian access. An example of this is the large central park, which is not used to its potential. Brasilia is a thought-provoking city which was built in only 41 months from 1956 to 1960, to become the new capital of Brazil (previously Rio de Janeiro). This design was led b

Week 6// 28/10 - 01/11

We've reached the halfway point of the semester, which is both incredibly exciting and slightly scary - time seems to fly by so quickly! We hope you're all enjoying the semester so far and that you don't feel completely buried by work. Remember to keep eating and sleeping regularly and looking after yourselves! This week has been a busy one, with the Undergraduate Buddy Groups re-uniting over snacks and good conversation on Tuesday evening, followed by OxArch's 4th talk of the In Conversation With... series, featuring Anna Parker from Intervention Architecture. Submissions for Issue XII:REBEL are still open! We welcome written, drawn, photography and modelling submissions - so get creative a