NFTS - Sao Paulo

The first destination of my Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship (NFTS) was Sao Paulo, Brazil. This was quite daunting city to go first – I had never travelled alone in my life, I was 20 years old and in a city with few English speakers and a huge population. I arrived in the city, got scammed within an hour (common train scam) then arrived at my ‘pod hostel’ and burst into tears at the sight of the hole that was to be my home for the next few days. Yet, this became one of my favourite cities and most incredible experiences. Why have so many people migrated to Sao Paulo? This started off as a small village, which grew rapidly due to an influx of migrants - from other parts of Brazil, but als

Week 4// 14/10 - 20/10

We've got something new starting up on the blog from this week - Chloe Loader has just started her blog series on the RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship, which you can check out here! In other news, OxArch gave us two great events earlier this week: Our guest for In Conversation With... this Tuesday was Neil Gillespie from Scottish architecture firm Reiach and Hall, who guided us through a poetic review of his work - our full review for the talk will be up soon! And on Wednesday, OxArch ran a joint tabletop social with The Guild, which by all accounts was loads of fun! We're looking forward to more exciting socials coming up in the weeks ahead. Studio Update: Unit A: Run to the Hills

Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship

In 2017, I was fortunate enough to win the RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship, with my proposal ‘Emerging Cities: Sustainable Master Planning in the Global South’. This is just to tell you a bit about the scholarship, tips for applying, and what will come next in my series. The scholarship has been running for 13 years now, with each university being able to submit one applicant per year, and then one winner being selected from the applicants. It is open to all architecture schools globally, so is a big competition against a huge range of amazing students. The winning scholar receives £7000 to fund their travels for their proposed project and then is at liberty to decide how they will

Week 3// 7/10 - 13/10

We're a quarter of the way through the semester already, we hope everyone has settled into their routines here in the studio! It's been a hive of activity recently, which is so inspiring! OSA had our first meeting of the year on Wednesday - we're always open for volunteers if you'd like to get involved! Our meetings happen fortnightly in either the DS2 or DS5 spaces. Submissions for Issue XII:REBEL are open! We welcome written, drawn, photography and modelling submissions - so get creative and see where the REBEL in you takes you! Send submissions to by 21/10/2019. OSA Mini Review: Open House Oxford: We Love Social Housing! Talk (09/10/2019) We Love Social Housing! was a

Week 2// 30/09 - 6/10

Week 2 in the studio has been another busy one as everything is properly taking off! See what Zone 5 have been up to recently with our Studio Update, and more, on this week's blog post! OxArch In Conversation With... CJ LIM On Tuesday CJ Lim (UCL Bartlett) came to present a talk on his new book, Smartcities, Resilient Landscapes and Eco-Warriors. In case you missed out, OSA's review on the talk will be up soon! What's On: Flowers & Volcanoes: A Tale of Two Chinese Artists The Glass Tank is hosting a joint exhibition, focusing on contemporary Chinese art from Hei Lichee and 19VAN, two independent artists who have collaborated together for 15 years. Open daily from 2/10/19 to 11/10/19. Archit