OSA Review: Squire and Partners, OxArch Reconstruction Lecture

In this article, the author argues against the gentrification of an area that has been contributed to by a project mentioned in the Squire and Partners lecture. The article was inspired by a line of questioning at the end of the lecture. The views stated in this article are the views of the author, not of the magazine. “Gentrification already existed in the area, so…” he finishes his statement by shrugging his shoulders, raising his eyebrows insinuatingly, and topping it off with an unconcerned smile. This is Squire and Partner’s CEO’s defence for refashioning their newly acquired Brixton headquarters from an old Edwardian department store into an ostentatious, shabby chic office complex, ca

Week 10// 01/04-07/04

At OSA we're moving towards working on the Annual X2. For everyone who's submitted an extract - don't forget that you have just less than two weeks to get a final submission in! As the team are getting increasingly busy, we're putting the blog on hiatus. This is the last post for a while - we'll speak to you again in May around exhibition time! What's On Blenheim Palace, in association with The Ashmolean Museum presents: The Young Turner: Ambitions in Architecture and the Art of Perspective - Review by Charlotte Gregory “Perspective may justly be considered the colouring of Architecture.” J.M.W. Turner, 1810 J.M.W. Turner is arguably one of Britain’s most famous landscape artists. While more