Week 09// 25/03-31/03

While the studios are incredibly busy this week, it's important not to forget the other things in your life. This is your reminder, for British readers at least, that it's Mother's Day this weekend! Take a moment to step away from your projects - you'll be surprised what new ideas you come up with when you take a break. SPECS collaboration for IT IS - Luisa Pereira Pires IT IS is an immersive interdisciplinary performance installation piece created by Lumia Shurong Liu, with help from students across multiple institutions. This multifaceted work combines architectural installation, visual projection, choreography and music live performance, it is the art of resistance bringing to life the na

OSA Review: Haworth Tompkins, OxArch Reconstruction Lecture

Haworth Tompkins’ lecture comprised of two parts. To begin with, they explained the intelligence garnered from their extensive work with theatres. Traditionally, they explained, were arranged with a small lobby - the spatial arrangement focusing on getting people straight into the performance. This has driven several of their projects, as modern theatres require much more space for socialising. In various projects, they have used materials traditionally found in theatre sets to create temporary spaces, but permanent interventions require more permanent solutions. For the Everyman theatre in Liverpool, Haworth Tompkins found that much of the existing theatre was so run-down as to be impossibl

OSA Review: Space Popular, OxArch Reconstruction Lecture

“the ultimate site for architecture is in the mind” Space Popular Architects are a design and research practice founded in Bangkok in 2013 and currently based in London. Our speaker for the lecture was co-founder and co-director Fredrik Hellberg, who along with his practice partner Lara Lesmes also leads “Tools for Architecture”, an undergraduate research unit at the Architectural Association. The lecture explored the conceptual side of architecture, examining the intersection between the traditional and the virtual by using cutting-edge technology such as Augmented Reality and real-time simulation to blur the boundaries between the existing and the imagined. Space Popular creates a variety

Week 08// 18/03-24/03

I'm writing this blog entry while watching final year masters cross-crits - and I'm struck by the sheer volume of work that's been produced by the cohort so far this year. We're into the final push - half way through the final term - plenty of time to bring final projects together for the end of year. We've seen all years of projects developing - and I personally cannot wait to see the end product - it's shaping up to be a brilliant end of year exhibition! What's On OxArch's CV workshop is on this Thursday - it's time to start thinking about the end! Whether you're graduating this year or looking for some work or internships over the summer, this is a great event to go along to for CV advice

OSA Review: EVA Studio, OxArch Reconstruction Lecture

EVA studio, which stands for Emergent Vernacular Architecture, was founded in 2014. It specialises in social projects particularly tackling natural disasters and projects involving refugees. The founder, Andrea Panizzo, has an italian background and created a deep connection with the issues of Eastern European refugees fleeing from Communism to Italy. The refugee crisis is a huge issue within architecture as there are refugee camps which are bigger than cities and the average stay someone can expect is 17 years. 60% of refugees live in cities, and the architecture which evolves in these circumstances can have a huge impact on their integration. Successful integration is achieved through publ

Week 07// 11/03-17/03

The deadline for abstract submissions is coming up! We're looking especially for drawn submissions. If you'd like your project to be featured in the next magazine, give us an email at - we'd love to hear from you! First Year Crits It was great to see so much exciting work at the first year crits! The library extension project has been taken in so many different ways, and it was fascinating to see the different emphasis that each student has put on their personalised briefs. Well done everyone! What's On London Design Museum - David Adjaye, Making Memory British Museum - Feeding History: the politics of food - a free exhibition Ashmolean - Dimensions: the Mathematics of Symm

Week 06// 04/03-10/03

There are two weeks left until abstract submissions are due for the Annual X2, and we've had some great submissions that we're really excited to see, but OSA are always on the lookout for new material. If you've got a project, essay, drawing, or personal interest that you're interested to submit, please send us an email - we're really looking forward to receiving new work. What's On Sketching In The Cast Gallery, at the Ashmolean, 6th March - Hone your hand sketching skills with the Ashmolean's regular sketching session! No tickets are required, but make sure to get there early as only ten people are allowed to sketch at a time - and bring your own materials. Student of the Week Our student

OSA Review: DSDHA, OxArch Reconstruction Lecture

DSDHA’s architectural approach is to acknowledge the value of a site as is, find extra or hidden value within the site, and work with the client to achieve their goals even if that is through unconventional means. They have a great consideration of the end user, and what they need, which is necessary to really activate a site. They are also a practice that is very concerned with architectural, in-practice research. The lecture focused on the practice’s research looking at photography as a design tool. There are many ways in which DSDHA have approached photography, beginning with photography through time. By analysing how the public create viewpoints in their own photography uploaded onto soc