OSA REWIND: NOW: The Final Frontier

It is our job as designers to think about things in different ways and I believe that in some instances this needs to be extended to our und

OSA REVIEW: Hawkins/Brown, OxArch Talk

As part of OxArch Careers Week, Harbinder Birdi from Hawkins/Brown talks about the value architecture graduates bring to their award winning practice “Go to Clerkenwell, where all the architects drink, and flirt with someone” Exploring Hawkins/Brown’s CrossRail project, Harbinder Singh Birdi talked about connectivity; physically and socially, within and out of the design studio. Joined by ex-Brookes students and now Hawkins/Brown employees, Andrew Davis and Robyn Thurston, he highlighted the specific role architects can play in urban transport and the role of students within their practice. This engaging and enthusiastic lecture became a key event for the School Of Architecture during OxArch

We need you!

It comes to that time of the year where everyone is thinking about the next step, whether that be the transition from year two to three or move from university to practice. Here at OSA, we are thinking about next step for magazine. Year on year the magazine grows in size and develops in content so we need to grow our team: our editors are moving onto pastures new so we need new members keep the magazine fresh, exciting and dynamic. OSA want committed passionate people to take an active role in the development of the magazine. We need people who are interested in writing, graphics, editing, printing, drawing, doodling, promoting, partying(!) etc. If you think you have something to bring to t