OSA Magazine

OSA's Story

OSA (Oxford School of Architecture) is a student-led magazine based at Oxford Brookes University. We aim to provoke conversations that surround relevant topics for architecture today through both visual and written materials. Thanks to our Sponsors, we have come to grow each year and develop a stronger body of work collaboratively with Architecture Students from various schools.

The Oxford School of Architecture at Oxford Brookes is one of the largest schools of Architecture in the country, with over six hundred students from undergraduate through to PhD candidates and beyond. The size of the school means we have a huge variety of agendas being pursued by students, from our humanitarian programmes in Development & Emergency Practice, through to formal and representational investigations found in Advanced Architectural Design.


As students with different interests, we started this magazine in order to give our peers a platform on which they could publish their work and encourage the cross-pollination of ideas.

We publish two issues a year: the first surrounds a topic or theme that’s relevant to the state of the art, the second includes an open-content narrative and a selection of the most competitive projects produced within that year.

Our print editions are printed at a local business in Oxford that specialises in producing RISO prints, an eco-friendly alternative to digital printing which gives our magazine its unique look and feel.


Who Makes OSA?

Since its conception in 2014, OSA magazine has been exclusively edited and curated by a dedicated team of undergraduate and postgraduate architecture students. 

The majority of our content are original or edited submissions from fellow students, however we make space in each issue for alumni and selected contributors from other Schools of Architecture around the world, helping to situate the work of our school into an international dialogue.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire students to pursue their dreams instead of mere grades, providing a healthy mind-set through teamwork and collaboration in the process of design of the magazine layouts and content.

Meet the Team

for 2020/2021

Hi, my name is Zanna, I am the editor-in-chief of OSA for this year. I am a second year MArchD student, and have also done my undergrad at Oxford Brookes. I am interested in architecture as activism, and the relationship between architecture, society, power and identity, which is why I chose IARD as my specialization in my first year of the masters.


In my time outside of architecture, I enjoy sports like long distance running, triathlon, cycling, open water swimming, skiing, hiking - anything that gets me outdoors for a long time.

Hi everyone! My name is Delfina, I am the social media director for OSA Magazine this year. I have done my undergraduate at Oxford Brookes University, and decided to come back and do my MArchD, specialising in IARD. I was born in Angola but I have lived most of my life in Portugal. It helps to bring my experiences to my design. Also, I am all about female empowerment in architecture, I am interested in looking outside the box and create spaces for different communities.

Wherever I have time outside architecture, I love to travel and discover new places. I made my absolute goal to visit at least 2 different countries or cities every year. Needless to say that my plans were postponed with this whole COVID situation. I also enjoy drawing portraits and recently have gone into digital portraits.

I'm Ashling, and I am the Graphics Director for the OSA. I am currently enrolled as a first year MArchD at Oxford Brookes. I previously studied my Part 1 and have an MA in International Architectural Regeneration and Development. In my year out, I worked as a Part 1 at a company named Barton Willmore in Reading.


As well as studying I work part-time and enjoy keeping active with ladies' rugby.